FYE Targeted Learning Sessions

Targeted Learning Session in the General Library, 2015.

Need help with your assignment? Your Targeted Learning Session may provide the answers you need.

Whether you’re stuck, getting started or just putting the final touches on references; tutors, librarians and learning advisers are there to help get you to the next stage. Come and ask questions, and hear what others have to say too.

All sessions are held in the General Library, Level M. Drop in at any time during your session.

FTVMS 101 Wednesday 14 September 11am-1pm
ANTHRO 102 Tuesday 20 September 2-4pm
THEOREL 101 Wednesday 21 September 11am-1pm
SOCIOL 101 Wednesday 21 September 2-4pm
SOCIOL 100 Thursday 22 September 11am-1pm
POLITICS 107 Thursday 22 September 1-3pm
POLITICS 109 Tuesday 27 September 10am-12pm
SOCIOL 103 Wednesday 28 September 12-2pm

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