F1000 database for Life Science/Biomedical research

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The Faculty of 1000 (F1000) database is available on trial until 18 August. It is a reviewing and publishing resource designed to keep academics up to date with the latest high-impact research from 3,700 journals in life sciences and biomedicine.

It comprises three modules, the most famous being F1000Prime. This has article recommendations in biology and medicine that have been chosen from a ‘faculty’ of 6000 scientists and clinical researchers (including some from the University of Auckland), as well as 5000 associate members. It allows you to view recently-published material that has not yet had time to garner formal citations in the literature. Having your work highlighted by F1000 is seen as very prestigious amongst biomedical/life science researchers.

The second module is F1000Research which is an open access peer-reviewed publishing platform where reviewers’ names and comments are visible. As well as traditional articles, it also features case reports, protocols, replications and null or negative result studies.

Finally F1000Workspace is a suite of tools to assist with writing, collaboration, and reference management (including a Word plug-in from which you are able to search PubMed and save references or articles). You can also annotate articles online and share notes and projects with your colleagues and co-authors.

Email your feedback about the F1000 trial to j.lavas@auckland.ac.nz

John Lavas, Science and Engineering Information Services

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