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University of Auckland Libraries and Learning Services beta website - desktop view

Beta website desktop view

Libraries and Learning Services beta website mobile view

Beta website mobile view

We are delighted to introduce our beta Libraries and Learning Services website. Have we got it right? Can you find what you are looking for?

Until the end of November we are in a beta development phase with our new website. We will be reviewing user feedback and continuing to make adjustments to the design. By the end of the year we will be launching our new site.

The new design is based on research with staff and students and supports accessibility across different devices, including tablets, mobile phones and screen readers.

There’s a new Search Everything box. Type in a search, hit enter and discover results from across our resources. You can make the search more specific by using options from the drop-down box or go to advanced search options for more complex queries.

So try out the beta and tell us what you think. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback!

Sheryl Baster, Web Manager, Libraries and Learning Services


  • karen Jennings commented on 15/03/2017

    I can’t easily find how to get into my account. It was much easier before!

    • Sheryl Baster commented on 16/03/2017

      Hi Karen,

      When working on a computer look in the top right-hand area of the homepage for the ‘Sign in’ link with the head and shoulders outline of a user. This is where you sign in to My Library Account. On a smaller tablet this function is reduced to the head and shoulders icon and on the smallest view, such as on a mobile phone, this head and shoulders icon for signing in is accessed through the top right-hand menu option (with the three lines). It is also visible in the right-hand corner of the lower menu.

      I hope this information helps with your query.

      Kind regards,
      Sheryl Baster
      Web Manager, Libraries and Learning Services

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