Auckland Heritage Festival 2016

Old Arts Building under Construction c.1926

Old Arts Building under Construction c.1926.

Auckland Heritage Festival is underway (24 September to 9 October), so we thought it would be timely to promote the research done by our students that is held in the Architecture and Planning Library Measured Drawings and Theses collections. Their work provides insight into the heritage research done for our city. The measured drawings are available only in the library, while some of the theses are online. Some various examples you might want to look at…

Measured drawings

Institute for the Blind, Jubilee Building addition Grant Edwards
Measured Drawing (BArch)–University of Auckland, 1994.

Ferry Building Tzu-Chia Sui and David Chia-Wei Tsao
Measured Drawing (BAS)–University of Auckland, 2001.

Old Arts Building, University of Auckland Jee-Eun Jinny Kim
Measured Drawing (BArch)–University of Auckland, 2000.

His Majesty’s Theatre Preston D Stevens and Stephen William Brandenburg
Measured drawing (BArch)–University of Auckland, 1980.

St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 28 Symonds Street., Auckland R. Wah Sun Do and Ian G. McNutt
Measured Drawing (BArch)–University of Auckland, 1994.


Former South British Insurance Company building, Shortland Street, Auckland: statement of cultural significance Bruce McCartney
Introduction to Conservation assignment (BArch)–University of Auckland, 1988.

In deference to time: the ageing of body and building (St James Theatre) Jessica Carol Johns
Thesis (MArch-Prof)–University of Auckland, 2011.

Architectural ornament: Shortland Street, Auckland, 1840-1986 Jane Marie Couch
Thesis (BArch)–University of Auckland, 1986.

The Auckland Palimpsest: nostalgia and memory of heritage Shieun Lee
MArch (Prof) University of Auckland, 2014.

The voice of architecture: the recovery of a building’s societal relevance to support cultural heritage Laury van der Linden
MArch (Prof) University of Auckland, 2014.