Building blocks to develop engineers of the future

LEGO submarine

Tiffany Tseng, a graduate researcher in the MIT Media Lab Lifelong Kindergarten is partnering with LEGO® to develop innovative tools for kids of all ages. “Kids can build whatever’s in their imagination and, at the same time, develop spatial reasoning and learn about structural integrity, design, and a practical sense of geometry1 says Tseng.

A collection of LEGO® sets and books is currently on display at the University of Auckland Engineering Library until late October. The display features models from the personal collections of Dr Mark Battley  (Engineering Science) and Dr Colin Doyle (Chemical and Materials Engineering), who are both staff members in the Faculty of Engineering and members of the Auckland LEGO® User Group.

LEGO Tardis

The collection in display in the Engineering Library features a Sopwith Camel aeroplane, a TIE Fighter and Jedi Scout Fighter from Star Wars, the TARDIS from Doctor Who and a deep sea submarine and much more… Come and take a look!

The Auckland LEGO® User Group host the annual Auckland Brick Show, New Zealand’s largest Lego display, which will be held on Labour Weekend 2016 at the Trusts Arena in Henderson.

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