Beta website update

Beta website mobile view - University of Auckland Libraries and Learning Services

Beta website mobile view

We went live with the beta Libraries and Learning Services website at the end of September. Since then we’ve been gathering valuable insights from your feedback and applying this to our design work.

Highlights from the changes we’ve made in the last month:

  • Creation of the top menu quick links to Canvas, student email, Book a PC and MyAucklandUni.
  • More detailed item information within the results display list and easier access to online materials.
  • The addition of a “You have viewed” feature within the Databases search scope.
  • Additional boosted search results. For instance when you search for “renew my books” the Renewing items link now appears.
  • Exam papers are now found with the full subject name as well as course code, e.g., Sociology as well as SOCIOL 100.
  • Exam papers open to a preview PDF rather than to a default download.
  • Significant improvements to mobile views and accessibility, with more to come.
  • TV and Radio results are now appearing in a dedicated results facet.

    Beta website search results view showing item availability and direct access to online materials

    Search results view showing item availability and direct access to online materials

The overall response to the new design is very positive. There is still plenty of work for us as we get closer to the launch of the new homepage at the end of this year and as we plan future work for 2017.

Please keep using the beta site and sending us your feedback. We need to know about any issues that you come across and we are equally interested in hearing about what delights you with the new design!

Catalogue changes are also coming

In conjunction with changes to the homepage we’ll be introducing some interface changes to the Catalogue soon. More details will be shared shortly when staff and students will have an opportunity to give feedback on the new look.

Sheryl Baster, Web Manager, Libraries and Learning Services