New RefWorks, Legacy RefWorks

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Which version of RefWorks?

There is a new version of RefWorks. We’ve provided lots of information about how to use it on the Library website, as well as a self-guided tutorial to get you started.

Moving your references to the new version

If you have an account in the older version of RefWorks (also called Legacy RefWorks) you can easily transfer your references to a new RefWorks account.

What if I’m in the middle of writing a document?

If you are using Legacy RefWorks you won’t be able to continue working on the same document with your new RefWorks account. You might want to delay migration for now until you hear from us that this functionality is available. It’s expected towards the end of 2017. You can keep your Legacy RefWorks account for current documents and create a new RefWorks account for use with new documents.

Getting help

The RefWorks support team is happy to help if you experience any issues or have any questions, email

Not using RefWorks?

Check out the Reference Management Tool comparison for other reference management tools available at the University of Auckland.

Tricia Bingham, Learning Support Services