The new-look Catalogue and your feedback

Have you used the Catalogue recently? Its new look was introduced as part of our ongoing work to keep our applications up-to-date, but this one is noteworthy due to the scale of change. There’s a quick introduction to help you get used to the new layouts, and your Subject Librarian and staff at our Information Desks are happy to help.

Testing, feedback and fixes

We went through a significant testing programme prior to this release to ensure there were no major faults, and we have since been working through a list of known issues. Where you have let us know about specific issues, we’ve added them to our list.

So what has been fixed since the initial launch? Some highlights:

  • Reading list items link to the new Catalogue instead of the old Library Search.
  • Tablet and mobile experience has improved, where it was freezing and hiding some text and buttons.
  • Page formatting looks better on different sized devices.
  • Items with more than one edition show the most recent one first.
  • Exports to RefWorks and EndNote Web are working.
  • Search results from the Library homepage now align fully with the Catalogue.
  • We have removed the defunct Exams tab.
  • Controlled vocabulary (formal subject headings) now appears in your search results.
Catalogue search screen with a subject heading included in the search results

Subject headings may be suggested and included in search results
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Thank you all for your patience and for your feedback. We don’t do major upgrades very often, so take some time to find your way around – it will be well worth the effort.

Paul Campbell, Applications Support Manager, Libraries and Learning Services