Reaxys chemistry database upgrade

Reaxys, a major science database, has a new and easy to use interface.

Reaxys chemistry database

Structural drawings in Reaxys

What is Reaxys?

Reaxys is a specialist chemistry/biochemistry database. It is also of interest to researchers of immunology, medicinal chemistry, bioengineering, earth sciences, physics and astronomy, biocides and environmental chemical degradation.

It has data on 105 million organic, inorganic and organometallic compounds including their reactions, preparations, and structural, physical and spectral properties.

Comparison with other databases

Reaxys includes the indexing from other major databases in the life, earth, engineering, and biomedical sciences, including Scopus, Compendex, GEOBASE, Embase, and Medline. For this reason, you are able to easily exclude duplicated records from a wide range of sources.

Reaxys uses a similar search result filtering system to Scopus, but has the enhanced functionality of a powerful chemical thesaurus.

Structural drawings

Reaxys has integrated a powerful structural drawing package that can be used to create new compounds or import and modify templates of existing ones.

The Marvin JS editor from ChemAxon (Version 16) can accept structures copied from external structure editors.

Lin Lin, Chemistry Subject Librarian; John Lavas, Biological Sciences Subject Librarian