Need help with your assignments?

Writing a good assignment requires a variety of skills. Maybe you’re starting out and struggling to find relevant information, stuck with writer’s block and not sure how to structure your essay, or nearing the end and having difficulty with referencing.

Here’s a list of useful resources and services to get you started:

Searching for information

  • Begin with your course reading list. You will find key material your lecturers expect you to read, understand and draw on for your assignments.
  • Use the Catalogue to find relevant books and academic articles on your topic.
  • Look at the subject guides to identify databases and journals relevant to your topic.

Reading and writing

  • Visit the Writing and presenting page for help with writing essays, case studies, lab reports, posters and presentations.
  • Check out write@uni to learn what’s expected of your writing at the University level and what you need to become a more skilled writer.
  • If you think your English is holding you back from developing your reading and writing skills further, attend one of English Language Enrichment’s language advice drop-in sessions or language learning workshops.


  • New to referencing? Take a look at the online resource Referencing: The basics.
  • If you want a reminder about where to put full stops and dates in your references, try Quickcite.

Preparing for a test?

Take a look through the Exams: Preparing and Revising resource. It’s designed for exam prep but will help you get ready for your upcoming test, with helpful study techniques and tips on answering different question types (e.g., multiple choice, short answer, open book).

Need further help?

Bring your questions to a General Library Assignment questions drop-in session! You will get advice on finding information, essay writing and referencing from our Learning and Teaching Advisers.

When: 12-2pm every weekday until Friday 7 June (excluding public holidays and the semester break)
Where: Level G, General Library

You can also contact us online with your questions.

Best of luck with your assignments.

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