Vaiaso o te Gana Tuvalu Tuvalu Language Week

Vaiaso o te ‘Gana Tuvalu – Tuvalu Language Week 2022

Fakatālofa atu! It’s Tuvalu Language Week, Vaiaso o te ‘Gana Tuvalu Sunday 25 September to Saturday 1 October 2022.

This year’s theme is Fakamautu ke mautakitaki te Gagana Tuvalu mo te atafai, fakaaloalo mo te amanaiagina – Nurture with sustainability the Tuvalu language with care, respect and dignity.

Six things about Tuvalu

  1. Tuvalu means eight islands standing together. Tu means stand and valu means eight, however, there are actually nine islands.
  2. Tuvalu used to be called Ellice Islands, with Kiribati as Gilbert Islands.
  3. Tuvalu is the fourth-smallest nation in the world. Discover more about Tuvalu history.
  4. The national game of Tuvalu is Te ano.
  5. A key challenge facing Tuvalu is climate change and Tuvalu people will be the first climate refugees due to rising sea levels. Explore resources, including TV and Radio documentaries, on Tuvalu climate change.
  6. The language of Tuvalu is very close to the Samoan language. Explore resources on Tuvalu language.

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