TV and Radio: Explore recorded, recently screened and live broadcasts

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  • Missed something which screened on local TV in the last fortnight?
  • Want to watch live news coverage of an unfolding event?
  • Looking for local documentaries or Māori programming?

Visit TV and Radio.

You can:

  • Explore over 100,000 hours of archived television and radio, dating from 1965 to the present day. Try a keyword search or browse by date, channel, programme title or genre.
  • View and download local TV from the last 14 days and request for episodes to be permanently added to the collection.
  • Access live streams of many local and international TV channels (e.g., Parliament TV, Al Jazeera, BBC World News).

The collection includes a wealth of news and current affairs programming (including the Chapman Archive), Māori television content, plus many local and international documentaries and feature films.