Nigel Bond, Team Leader, Cultural Collections, sits in front of Don Binney's 'In the Lee of a Looted Island' (1966).

Collection connections: In the Lee of a Looted Island

The University of Auckland art collection is a significant part of Cultural Collections, and we are extremely excited to have a painting from the collection recently installed in the Special Collections Reading Room, Ground Floor, General Library.   

The painting, ‘In the Lee of a Looted Island’ (1966), is by Don Binney and has recently been returned from having some routine conservation. Read more…

Detail from the Linguistic Society of New Zealand's Studies in Pacific Languages & Cultures, in honour of Bruce Biggs

Bruce Biggs and the revitalisation of te reo Māori

The Māori language petition for active recognition of te reo Māori was delivered to Parliament in 1972. It had over 30,000 signatures and became the starting point for a significant revitalisation of te reo Māori. 

At the time, te reo Māori revitalisation was still in its infancy at the University of Auckland, after receiving a boost during the 1950s, with Bruce Biggs — ethnographer, linguist, and champion of te reo Māori — at the helm.  Read more…