students walking into and out of the Sylvia Ashton-Warner Library at Epsom

The Sylvia Ashton-Warner Library at Epsom is closed

Kia ora koutou, as part of the wider closure of the Epsom Campus, the Sylvia Ashton-Warner Library at Epsom is closed from Tuesday 14 November 2023.

Key information about the move

How could the Library closure affect me?

You will be unable to visit the Sylvia Ashton-Warner Library after Monday 13 November.

Where can I go for Student Hubs Support after 13 November 2023?

You can visit any of the Student Hubs at the City, Grafton or Tai Tonga campuses or contact us online. Discover the Student Hubs.

Where can I return books after 13 November 2023?

You can return books and journals to any University of Auckland library.

Where will the Epsom books and journals go?

  • Books and journals in regular use are moving to the General Library.
  • Lower-use items have already been moved to the On-Demand Collection (ODC) and are available on request.

Where will I find the Epsom collections in the General Library?

The Main Collection will be interfiled into the General Library collections. Most education and social work items will be on Level 3.

The General Library Levels 1 and M are currently being refurbished. This means that some collections will move to a temporary location before being relocated to their final home in Semester One 2024.

  • The Junior Collections will move to Level 2 (final home Level M)
  • The Pacific Collection will move to Level 3 (final home Level 1)
  • The Mātauranga Māori Collection will move to Level 4 (final home Level 1)

The General Library is open throughout the summer period and study spaces nearby include the Kate Edger Information Commons, which has an on-site student kitchen. View hours.

How do I access books and journals from the On-Demand Collection?

  • Request them using the Catalogue. They often arrive within one day, but please allow 2-3 days.

How can I get more help?

If you cannot find something please ask the staff at the Help Desk, General Library Level G or Ask us online.

We look forward to supporting your study and research from the General Library in 2024!