Models in the Architecture and Planning Library

Architectural models

Over the summer library staff assessed the student architectural models in the Architecture and Planning Library. This has meant lots of cleaning (dust!) and the removal of those models that had lost material stability and integrity. The remaining survivors of our assessment are now on display throughout the library.

The models present a wide variety of architectural styles, construction types and materials. Several are replicas of built architecture and there are even some original conceptual models. They display a wide range of aspects and highlight the technical knowledge and skill incumbent with model making and architectural studies.

As part of undergraduate student coursework from the 1970s through to the early 1990s they represent hours of student thought and work. As far as we are aware they found their way to the library via lecturers.

See if you can find these models at the Architecture and Planning Library

  • Place Vendome, Paris 1810 (Jules Hardouin-Mansart) Scale 1:500
  • Piazza Del Campidoglio, 1536-1655 (Michelangelo Buonarroti) Scale 1:250
  • Aeroclub Ghislanzoni, Como 1931, Unrealised (Giuseppe Terragni) Scale 1:200
  • Tou Kung: System of Construction
  • Mosque of Al-Azhar, Minaret of Qaitbay, 1469 Scale 1:50
  • Villa Savoye à Poissy, 1929-1931 (Le Corbusier)

Where possible the model has been attributed to the student creator but unfortunately, due to the age of these models, some labels have become illegible or lost. If you have any information regarding any of these models please come and see us.

Fiona Lamont, Library Assistant, Architecture and Planning Library