School of Architecture Centenary

100 years/100 books : School of Architecture Centenary, 1917-2017
Library Exhibition Series

100 years/100 books : School of Architecture Centenary, 1917-2017

The School of Architecture’s centenary is the perfect occasion for us to celebrate ‘the architecture book’ – especially as the link between the School’s pedagogies and the Library’s outstanding collection has always been key to academic success.

When CR Knight, the first Professor of Architecture, was appointed he was sent a money draft to bring with him from the UK a crate of books he deemed essential for an architecture school to have. This formed the basis of the extensive collection which constitutes the Architecture and Planning Library you see today.

In March 2017 we will present the first in a series of eight exhibitions to illustrate the quality and significance of the Architecture and Planning Library.

We’ve asked academic staff, some emeriti and architect colleagues to nominate books and we’ve selected items from the Architecture and Planning Library’s Folio and Historical Collections.


Curated by Michael Milojevic, School of Architecture & Planning Professional Teaching Fellow, with the assistance of Sarah Cox, Architecture Archivist and Fiona Lamont, Library Assistant.

This first exhibition in the series surveys ‘the architecture book’ as a conveyor of architectural information. Each of the items displayed, in its own way, is a landmark in architectural publishing in terms of content, media and book design.

The selection highlights the wide variety of ways in which text and image are presented.

Each exhibition will be on display in the Architecture and Planning Library for approximately one month.

Fiona Lamont, Library Assistant, Architecture and Planning Library.