The grinch

Top-five festive films to watch (for free) this merry-hairy season  

“Maybe Christmas (he thought) doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more,” – The Grinch. 

Bleeding hearts of the world unite! Te Tumu Herenga | Libraries and Learning Services has collated a free list of movies to get you into the holiday cheer (or console you in your misery).  

Read on for the top-five films we recommend watching this festive season.  

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1. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

When you’re halfway through a fight with Uncle Gary about politics, what’s more relatable than sitting down and watching someone who hates Christmas?

Watch The Grinch here 

2. Gremlins

The definition of cute but psycho, these cute little critters in Christmas hats are enough to console anyone in a chaotic Christmas mood.  

Watch Gremlins here

3. Die Hard 

A contentious topic for many on whether this film falls into the Christmas camp. Regardless of what you believe, it’s a film that’ll get the whole house’s hearts racing.  

Watch Die Hard here

4. Elf

An elf (Will Ferrell) wreaks havoc on his elf community. We’ll say no more. 

Watch Elf here

5. The Santa Clause

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa Clause. Find out what happens when a man accidentally kills Santa on Christmas eve.  

Watch The Santa Clause here


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