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Altmetrics: Who is reading your research?

In the era of social media and open access, the way we find, read, share and publish academic work is evolving.

Altmetric Explorer is a simple and effective tool that provides information on how your research performs with your audience on online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, news sites, or blogs.

Why use Altmetrics?

Compared with more traditional citation-based measures, Altmetric Explorer is fast and can provide an immediate indicator of activity around a publication. In contrast, citation counts can take months and years to accumulate.

Altmetric Explorer complements traditional measures, rather than replacing them. It covers a broad range of sources, normalising alternative metric data, and measuring impact outside the academic world.

How do you use Altmetrics?

Altmetric Explorer can be used:

  • To showcase your research story in your professional profile
  • To demonstrate evidence of societal engagement and the broader value of your scholarly work in your CV, grant, and job applications
  • To see the bigger picture, assess and manage your global reputation
  • To find the right audiences, platforms, and collaboration opportunities

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