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Handle the jandal! New postgraduate research resources

We’ve got two new resources to help you within Postgraduate Research Skills @ Te Tumu Herenga, as you get underway with your research this summer.

The New Zealand Context

“Can you handle the jandal?” and did you know that this translates in the New Zealand context to “Can you deal with the situation?”

The ‘New Zealand Context’ is a new resource within the Communicating module. It provides a quick and cheerful quiz explaining kiwi colloquialisms.

It is specifically designed with international students in mind and is useful for anyone encountering New Zealand sayings for the first time.

Give it a go

Reflective Writing

Reflective writing reports and responds to an issue (or event) and relates it to personal knowledge and experience. It is a tool for considering future approaches to a past issue.

You’ll find this new resource within the Writing module. The module provides resources, such as write@Uni, to help you understand what is required when you are expected to write reflectively in your academic writing.

View the Reflective Writing resource

Discover more

Postgraduate skills @Te Tumu Herenga is specifically designed to support postgraduate researchers. We are regularly updating resources.

Fiona Lamont, Research Services

Feature image: Photo by Adam Solomon on Unsplash


  • Olivia commented on 08/12/2021

    Kia ora, my supervisor for my summer studentship has recommended me to book a session with a librarian. I was wondering how I would go about this?
    Many thanks!

    • Libraries and Learning Services commented on 08/12/2021

      Kia ora Olivia,
      Thank you for this query. The best approach is to fill out the Ask us form. You will then hear back from the staff who are able to assist you.

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