#Fines Free!

Library goes fines-free

Te Tumu Herenga | Libraries and Learning Services has a new way of dealing with overdue books. We’ve stopped charging fines for overdue library items like books and laptops. Instead, you’ll be temporarily suspended from borrowing or requesting if a book’s overdue. This is becoming a common way to manage overdues in libraries around the country and internationally.1

So, what’s the small print? When an item becomes one day overdue, a block will be placed on your account. This will prevent you from any further borrowing, requesting, and renewing of physical items like books and laptops.

When you return an overdue item, the block is removed and you can resume borrowing and requesting. If an item is overdue for an extended period, the Library assumes it is lost. You may be charged the replacement cost of the item.2

Did you have any old fines on your account? Those have all been cleared and you can start again with a clean slate.


1 Fine Free Public Libraries Aotearoa

2 Overdues, lost or damaged items

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