Postgrad workshop: Abstract writing

Are you thinking of submitting an abstract for a conference soon? Do you know what the core elements of a successful abstract are?

Abstracts are an important element in the dissemination of knowledge in scientific arenas and they provide you with an opportunity to tell your audience what the main focus of your research is. Abstracts can be seen as the ‘first impression’ someone will have about your research paper, article or conference presentation.

Come along to this in-person workshop where researchers and doctoral students can learn how to write an effective abstract for conferences, events and publications.

Learn about the central elements that are part of an effective abstract. This workshop will focus on clarifying the main components of an abstract and working on a draft. You will be provided with an overview of some practical ideas that you can apply when you write abstracts for conference and paper submissions. If you already have an interesting idea or a draft, bring it along!

Workshop full or can’t make it? Check out our online resource: Abstract writing