The Architecture and Planning Library is now closed

The Architecture and Planning Library closed at the end of Semester One. From Semester Two the Architecture and Planning books, journals and supporting services will be available from the General Library. They are being moved during the Inter-semester break.

Key information about the move:

All books, journals and other resources are being retained

Architecture and Planning books and journals in regular use are moving to the General Library, Level 4.

  • They will be ready to use by the first day of Semester Two 2019. The books will retain the UDC classification until the end of Semester Two when they will be reclassified into Dewey.
  • Low use items are going to the On-Demand Collection where they can be requested when needed.
  • Theses and DVDs will be available from the General Library, Level G front desk.

Items can be borrowed in the transition period

To find the availability of items, you can search the Catalogue. If you need an item that still has the location Architecture and Planning Library please request it using the Catalogue while signed into My Library Account. Books and other resources from the Architecture and Planning Library can be returned to any University of Auckland library.

Student feedback informs the Semester 2 roll-out

In April 2019, we asked students from the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries what they would like to see when the collections move to the General Library.

As a result, we will be providing pop-up help on Level 4 from 11am-1pm for the first four weeks of the semester. Larger tables are being installed on the floor to help with browsing materials, as well as individual study carrels and colour multifunction devices (MFDs) being available.

Further plans for Semester One 2020 and considerations for the longer term are underway.

Architecture Archive and Special Collections content

The Architecture Archive will remain in Building 423. The Sheppard Collection, the Measured Drawings, and the Historical and Folio Collections are moving into Special Collections. For further assistance and to request access, please email General Library Special Collections.

Student models and notable furniture are returning to the School of Architecture and Planning

Items such as the Chisholm prize-winning artworks, the students’ architectural models and the reproductions of the Mackintosh Chair and Le Corbusier Chaise Longue will be returned to and cared for by the School of Architecture and Planning.

If you have any questions relating to the move please Ask us.