The Fine Arts Library closed at the end of Semester Two 2019

The Fine Arts Library closed on Monday 18th November 2019. From 2020 the Fine Arts books, journals and supporting services will be available from the General Library.

Key information about the move:

Where will the books and journals from the Fine Arts Library go?

Books and journals in regular use are moving to the General Library; those with low use are moving to the On-Demand Collection, where they will be available on request.

Where will the Fine Arts books and journals be in the General Library?

All books and journals have now arrived in the General Library. Currently, they are on Level M (Mezzanine). By the beginning of Semester One 2020:

    • Most will be on Level 4, where books and journals with the Dewey numbers from 700-779 (most fine arts subjects) are shelved.
    • Any numbers outside the 700-779 Dewey range will be shelved with material on other floors.

What will happen to the Archives, Artists’ Book Collection, and Artist and Gallery Files?

These will become part of General Library Special Collections, and available from their Reading Room on Level G.

Where can I return books after 18 November?

You can return books and journals to any other University of Auckland library.

How do I access books and journals from the On-Demand Collection?

Request them on the Catalogue. They often arrive within one day, but please allow 2-3 days.

Why has the Fine Arts Library closed?

See University News item University announces library consolidation for more information about the changes to library services.

How can I get more help?

    • Ask the staff at the desk when you enter the General Library – this is the Level G desk.
    • Ask us online.
    • During the first four weeks of Semester One 2020, Libraries and Learning Services staff will be available on Level 4 at set times (which will be promoted closer to the time) to help you find your way around.

If you have any questions relating to the move please Ask us.

Libraries and Learning Services – Te Tumu Herenga