The Tāmaki Library and Information Commons closed at the end of Semester Two 2019

The Tāmaki Library and Information Commons closed on Monday 18 November 2019, when the Tāmaki Campus closed permanently.

Where will the books and journals from the Tāmaki Library go?

  • Items that are in regular use will be available at the Philson Library, on the Grafton Campus, from 27 November.
  • Items that are rarely used, or already held at the Philson Library, are being moved to the On-Demand Collection, where they can be requested.

How do I access books during the move?

You can continue to search the Catalogue to find the availability of items.  If you want an item that still shows as in the Tāmaki Library after 18 November, please request it using the Catalogue or contact Ask us with the details.

Where do I return books?

Now that the Tāmaki Campus is closed, books and other resources from the Tāmaki Library can be returned to any other University of Auckland library:

How can I get more help?

If you have any queries relating to the relocation of the collection or access to items please Ask us.

Libraries and Learning Services – Te Tumu Herenga