Doormat with 'Welcome' written on it and a pair of feet standing on it.

Welcome to everyone joining us from Epsom

Nau mai, haere mai ki Te Tumu Herenga! A warm welcome to everyone who is joining us from the Epsom Campus!

Moving to a new campus is a big change, but we’re here to help you find your way around.

Where have the Collections from the Sylvia Ashton-Warner Library at Epsom moved to?

  • Most of the Collections are now in the General Library. Some material that is older and less used is now stored in the On-Demand Collection. To find and request material, check the Catalogue.

Where in the General Library can I find the Epsom Library Collections?

  • The Main Collection is interfiled with the existing General Library collection on Levels 2 – 6. You will find the 360s and 370s on Level 3.

The Junior, Pacific and Mātauranga Māori Collections are housed in temporary locations until the refurbishment of General Library Levels 1 and M is complete in Semester One 2024.

The locations for these Collections are:

  • The Junior Collections – currently Level 2 (final home Level M)
  • The Pacific Collection – currently Level 3 (final home Level 1)
  • The Mātauranga Māori Collection – currently Level 4 (final home Level 1)
  • Māori and Pacific junior collections – currently Level 4 (final home Level 1)

Where can I go for help?

You can search for all our Collections using the Catalogue. If you have any questions, please Ask us or talk to our friendly staff at the Level G Help Desk. We are happy to help!